Surprising facts about Peru

Every place in the world is unique with fascinating and surprising features, from coastal desert to exotic jungle, Peru is one of those places that stand above the crowd. Adventure in Peru is boundless, so many cultural and natural treasures that have surprised people for years and even today those who travel to Peru are fascinated by these treasures. There exist numerous reasons to visit Peru.

Besides the culture, the people, natural diversity the beaches and the drinks there are surprising facts about Peru that will make anyone want to visit Peru. These surprising facts about Peru are outlined below.

1. Lake Titicaca which is found in Peru is the highest navigable lake in the universe. This lake is ale so the home the Uros people who live on the floating islands. The name Titicaca is derived from Quechua terms Titi which means Puma and Kaka meaning stone. A visit to Peru wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this lake.

2. The Inca empire, one of the ancient empires, this was the largest empire in the world and history has it that the residents didn’t have a formal system of writing. The empire was in the current day Peru and when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century the kingdom was still there.

3. Peru has 28 distinct and different climates. When you visit Peru you can visit one the driest desert in the universe in the west and then the Amazon in the East which covers about half of Peru’s land. This is a fascinating climate and scenario that anyone would like to experience, totally distinct features, it is like visiting different planets that close to each other yet different in every way.

4. The two deepest canyons in the world are found in Peru. Among them the popular Colca Canyon which swarms with Andean Condors. Peru hosts some of the geographical pride, with the deepest canyons, this is one of the surprising features that would make you want to include Peru as one of your travel destination.

5. Peru has 3532 species of butterfly, 1816 different species of birds and 3500 different species of orchids. A visit to Peru Amazon rain forest gives the visitors a rich experience and a chance to see the wildlife located here.

6. Lima which is a city in Peru is one of the places in the world where Coca-Cola is not the leading soft drink. Inca Kola is the most popular soft drink in the country and in the city.

7. Unlike with other places where guinea pig is a pet, in Peru guinea pig is not a pet, it is a popular dish, usually served when whole. This is one of the places where you sit down in a restaurant and order Cuy (guinea pig) as a meal.

8. Lima, the capital city of the Republic of Peru, being a desert never experiences proper rain. The city usually experiences drizzle but not the proper rain.

9. Chips and French fries owe their origin to Peru.

A visit to Peru uncovers the above surprises and more, it is one of the best travel destination.

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