Top things to see and do when you visit Peru

Peru is a spectacular country where you can spend your holidays. If you are a first timer in Peru, here are the Top things to see and do when you visit Peru:

Visit Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu remains very important historic site in Peru up to date. It’s regarded as the city that advancing Spaniards never found when they colonized and captured Peru. Macchu Picchu is currently considered amongst the wonders of the world because of its beauty

Assist in lifting women out of poverty at G-Adventure Planeterra

Here you will get an opportunity to learn about intricacies associated with ican textile designs and what each motif represents. You will learn this by watching several women who have babies on their back working on complicated looms. You will also find dozens of other women spinning raw alpaca wool while using top-like spindles as puppies and toddlers amuse themselves underfoot.

You will also discover fascinating ways of washing shorn fleece by washing and drying naturally using insects, minerals and plants to create vivid colors. Here you’ll get an opportunity to purchase anything that is locally made at a very affordable price

Buying Peruvian salts at their source

Maran salt pools are found at the sacred valley. These salt pool series are fed by a single salt water stream and gets harvested by local families. Like other forms of farming, the salt mines are terraced down hills creating a superb landscape. During dry seasons, waters evaporate leaving the mineral Rich-Peruvian salt

Spending some days inside the Amazon basin in Peru

You’ll just need a 2 hours drive from Peru’s capital, Lima to get to Puerto Maldonado. This is one of the highest elevated places in South America. This is the place to find dripping and muddy rain forests. There are also several eco-lodgings on river Apurimac. This is the river that forms the Amazon River in Brazil.

The Saldova Lake is also found here. This place is one of the most mind-blowing tourist sites in Peru. It’s at this place where you can have a rustic summer camp. You can also find the moist beautiful wildlife here

Learn about Peruvian history in Lima through their food

Lima Gourmet Company will make your culinary exploration memorable. It will most likely be the highlight of your tour in Peru. Although it’s enjoyable to be here during the day, its far much enjoyable to spend nights here. Making stops at the toughest reservation restaurants in Lima is always an amazing experience.

The exuberance in Lima is always infectious. Make sure you stop at hot restaurants in Cala, Amaz as well as Huaca Pulcana.

Visiting the Larco Museum in Lima

Apart for the Ceramic Porn Exhibit, the Larco Museum has several collections of pre-Inca pottery, silver and gold headdresses as well as masks. Here, you can also find several artifacts as well as multi-era archaeological sites. The building of the museum is also a wonder in itself. It is blanketed and whitewashed using bougainvillea vines that have diverse colors.

Inside the 1st storage gallery, you will find glass cases that are crammed using 45,000 ceremonial pitchers in food, animal as well as human shapes.

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